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    Celebrating 75 Years of Service:

    By God's Grace - For His Glory

    Over the last 75 years, it has been abundantly clear that God has been orchestrating the foundation and growth of Reformed Bible Institute into what it is today—a ministry-focused Christian leadership college. From a few people with a vision and a handful of students studying in a cramped room above a café, Kuyper College is now a respected educational institution with graduates serving the Lord around the world.

    Front Page Book CoverThrough all of our 75 years, one thing is clear: the purpose and mission of the original founders is still shared by the College’s leadership today. The focus is, and always has been, equipping people to serve the Lord and seek His will. Whether that is in a remote missionary location, in the business world, in a local church, or in any other location where we—His children—serve.

    By God’s grace, Kuyper College exists – for His glory.

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  • An excerpt from the 75th anniversary book: "Celebrating 75 Years of Service: By God's Grace, For His Glory"

    The first graduates were Marguerite Bonnema, Mary Cook, Mary De Boer, Elmer De Jong, Alice Elzinga, Sarah Fredricks, Ethel Lammers, Jessie Sytsma, Wilhelmina Tuit, Bertha Van de Pol, and Hattie Veurink. Convocation was held on December 17, 1942, and Johanna Timmer gave the address. “It takes spiritual courage to go out into the world as a reformed worker. Your views will be rejected many a time as antiquated relics of a dark religious age...Wherever the Lord leads you and whatever he bids you do, there will be abundant opportunity for sacrificial service.”

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