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  • A celebration of God’s faithfulness 

    “We honor the past, and we envision the future. But today, in this generation, God is expecting us to be faithful in prayer, diligent in work, and true to His calling. We are to remain mindful that we are not building a college; we are building His kingdom—bringing God’s grace into today’s culture.” The preceding quote is an excerpt from Kuyper President Nick Kroeze’s letter in the summer, 2009, edition of The Kuyper College News. He wrote it in celebration of Kuyper’s 70th anniversary. Today, we are on the eve of Kuyper’s 75th anniversary, and nothing that he wrote then has changed. As a matter of fact, with each passing year, the call to build His kingdom becomes more urgent as communities throughout the world yearn for meaning and truth. 

    Throughout the coming year, we will be celebrating Kuyper College’s 75th anniversary in many ways—big and small. Special events, sections of the Kuyper College News, a commemorative book, banners and more will help us celebrate the past, present and future. But more importantly, all of it will serve as a daily reminder that it is only by His grace and for His glory that Kuyper has been, for the past eight decades, a vibrant, kingdom building community and testimony to His faithfulness.

    Order your 75th anniversary commemorative book today. Relive and experience the memories and celebrations from Reformed Bible Institute, Reformed Bible College, and Kuyper College by visiting here.

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  • An excerpt from the 75th anniversary book: "Celebrating 75 Years of Service: By God's Grace, For His Glory"

    “RBI Founding board member Mark Fakkema said ‘. . . We believe that this movement was not laid upon us by relentless necessity. God has laid it upon the hearts of many to make the cause of the RBI a subject of prayer.’ For God has a way of answering the prayers which He Himself has laid upon the hearts of His people that it may be abundantly evident that of Him, through Him, and unto Him are all things.”

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