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    At Kuyper, we believe that every student can be successful. We also believe that students should be provided the resources to ensure that success. To that end, Academic Support offers a number of programs—from tutoring to writing help—open to all students so that they may achieve their fullest potential.


    Andrew Zwart  Andrew Zwart
    Academic Support
    Email: azwart@kuyper.edu
    Phone: 616.988.3688


    What can I do if I find myself struggling in college?
    The Academic Support Office serves all students by employing peer tutoring, arranging for study partners, coaching students in time management and study skills, and counseling individuals regarding academic problems. Study groups led by teaching assistants are organized for selected first-year courses.

    We know that academically, college can be a tough transition from high school for some students. We want you to know that we're here to help. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Andrew Zwart or Bill Botts.
    What can I do if I need help with a specific class?
    Students requiring out-of-class tutoring or one-on-one assistance are encouraged to make arrangements with the Academic Support Office. Tutoring for a single class or personal tutors for multiple courses are available. Contact Andrew Zwart or Bill Botts to be connected with a tutor.
    What can I do if I need help with a paper?
    The Writing Center is available for students to plan, structure, and edit their papers. It is open Monday through Thursday nights. If students need writing assistance during office hours, they may set up an appointment with either Andrew Zwart or Bill Botts.
    What services does Kuyper offer for students with disabilities?

    Kuyper College complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act by providing reasonable services to qualified students.

    The Academic Support Office has an open line of communication with faculty and staff members concerning the special needs some students may have. For the College to provide accommodations to a student, the Academic Support Office must have current and comprehensive documentation on file. A form may be acquired from the Academic Support Office, which will state a clear diagnosis of the problem. This documentation will also describe the criteria and testing given, including aptitude; academic achievement in reading, math, oral and written language; information processing; recommendations for accommodations; treatment, medication, or auxiliary aids; and credentials of the diagnosing professional.

    The College assists persons with learning disabilities through communication with the faculty, audio books, note-taking, special advising, tutoring, diagnostic screening, coaching, and alternative testing arrangements.

    Students are also taught how to advocate for themselves. To gain access to these accommodations, students should contact the Academic Support Office before the beginning of the term and provide documentation of their learning disabilities. Our goal is for them to become confident learners and achieve maturity in interdependence.

    New students who have not undergone prior testing for learning disabilities/differences and/or ADD/ADHD are welcome to come to the Academic Support Office to discuss options. The Academic Support Office can refer students to physicians in the area who will perform a complete battery of learning evaluations. The Academic Support Office can also recommend counseling by our counselor.

    The Kuyper campus is barrier free. Students with physical or learning disabilities that may hinder them in classroom and academic activities should contact Andrew Zwart or Bill Botts in the Academic Support Office. Students whose disabilities affect their mobility or limit participation in social activities should contact the Student Life Coordinator in the Student Life Office.

    Below are some specific services offered for students with disabilities:

    Alternative Testing Arrangements
    Kuyper College has adopted the "time-and-a-half or two-times" rule for students who require extended time on tests. Depending on the professor's wishes and the student's ability, a test will be given with the regular allotted time, plus half of that time or twice the allotted time. Kuyper College reserves the authority to place all students who require testing accommodations in the same section.

    Audio Books
    Resources for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D) is the chief provider of textbooks on tape and on CD. To be registered with RFB&D, a student must be diagnosed and recommended. The Academic Support Office can assist with this registration process and takes responsibility for ordering textbooks on tape or CD. Annual membership fees for this service are charged to the student's account, and any loss or misplacement of materials is the student's responsibility. 

    The Academic Support Office coordinates the gathering of notes and printed lecture outlines for students requiring this accommodation. Often, another student in the same section will simply photocopy his or her own lecture notes and distribute them to students who require them. 

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