• Psychology

    A student graduating with a psychology degree will have learned to integrate a Christian worldview with the knowledge of how the brain works. The field of psychology seeks to understand and explain how the human psyche interacts with and is affected by the world around it. Coupling a biblical worldview with this knowledge creates a student with a unique set of skills for today’s world. Graduates will be prepared to immediately put their knowledge and skills to work, or to pursue graduate study in psychology or counseling.  This program is completed through a collaborative program with Cornerstone University. 

    In this program, you will:

    • Examine, explore, and critique psychological ideas, theories and applications from a Christian perspective.  
    • apply what they learn in the classroom through practical work, volunteer, internship and professional experiences throughout West Michigan.
    • Be equipped to help influence our world for Christ by supporting and encouraging the health and development of children, adults and families in a variety of workplace and ministry environments.

     What can a Psychology graduate do?

    • Many psychology majors go on to graduate school to prepare for careers in counseling within private practices, agencies, schools and hospitals.  
    • Others who pursue advanced study in psychology go on to work as mental health consultants, professors, researchers and administrators.  
    • Due to students’ preparation in understanding and working with diverse people, a psychology background is also appealing to employers in diverse areas such as professional ministry, medicine/health care, business (such as human resources and marketing) and nonprofit work. 
      examine, explore, and critique psychological ideas, theories and applications from a Christian perspective.

    Comprehensive Curriculum

    Some interesting courses that Psychology students may take are: Child, Adolescent, or Adult Psychology, Psychology of Learning, Theories of Counseling, and Techniques of Counseling.


    Students work with a faculty advisor to identify, plan and complete their internship experience according to each student’s interests and goals. Students may work in one of the following settings or can work with their adviser to plan an individualized internship in a setting that allows them to pursue their professional goals.

    Wedgewood Christian Services - Direct Intervention, Education Services
    Pine Rest - Residential Specialists, Assessment, ADHD Clinic
    DeVos Children’s Hospital - Child Assessment, Child Life
    Grand Rapids Children’s Museum - Child and Family Programming
    Bethany Christian Services - Variety
    Alpha Women’s Center - Counselor

    Cornerstone University is a like-minded, accredited, Christian liberal-arts college just two miles south of Kuyper College. Students who intend to enroll in these programs will work closely with Kuyper College's registrar, who is the students’ advisor, to navigate the program requirements.

    Through the collaborative arrangement, students are granted the opportunity to study at Cornerstone as Kuyper students; Kuyper College awards the students’ degrees and (in consultation with the appropriate personnel at Cornerstone) determines the course of study and course equivalencies. Students who elect a major in collaboration with Cornerstone University must complete the admissions requirements as indicated at www.cornerstone.edu. These students are considered non-degree seeking students by Cornerstone University. Upon admission, the students will be registered for their first semester of classes at Cornerstone by the Academic Office at Kuyper College. New collaborative students are also required to complete an orientation at Cornerstone University prior to their first classes. Only students in good standing at Kuyper College will be allowed to begin a collaborative program of study.
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