• Theatre

    Great theatre asks good questions and opens the hearts of its audience to new ideas through the eyes of its characters. It can also tell stories that communicate truth, including the truth of the gospel. The purpose of this program is to give students both a theoretical understanding of theatrical acting, directing and production, and the opportunity to develop their own skills in these areas. The Theatre program is completed in collaboration with Cornerstone University.

    In this program, students will:

    • Learn to articulate the societal role of theatre both past and present and be able to articulate a vision for its role in the future. 
    • Demonstrate artistic, research, and leadership skills in performance (acting/directing) and production (design/technology).
    • Integrate the Christian faith with such things as communication skills, critical thinking, dramatic creativity, artistic expression and the wide range of traditions in the theatre arts. 

    Comprehensive Curriculum

    The vision of the Theatre program is to expand students’ communication skills, critical thinking, dramatic creativity, artistic expression and the range of theatre arts through courses such as:

    • Play Directing teaches students to complete Hodge Play Analysis, blocking and learning about director-actor communication. Students will direct a scene from a play at the end of the semester.
    • Principles of Acting allows students to learn acting processes, warm-ups, how to prepare for a role, numerous acting scenes, and character analysis.
    • Ballet will teach students ballet techniques; emphasis is placed on alignment, integration and simple ballet movement

    Where are Theatre degrees employed?

    Graduates of the program will be equipped to work in a variety of areas, including as a dance or vocal instructor, a costume designer, theatre company manager, director, producer, actor, or stage manager.


    Students are encouraged to go on one of several theatrical exploration trips, to New York, Chicago, or Stratford, Canada, where they will meet performers and technicians and learn more of what it takes to succeed in the theatre business. Other students spend an entire semester in Chicago, interning with local theatres in a variety of roles. Still other students intern locally at Grand Rapids area theatres

    Cornerstone University is a like-minded, accredited, Christian liberal-arts college just two miles south of Kuyper College. Students who intend to enroll in these programs will work closely with Kuyper College's registrar, who is the students’ advisor, to navigate the program requirements.

    Through the collaborative arrangement, students are granted the opportunity to study at Cornerstone as Kuyper students; Kuyper College awards the students’ degrees and (in consultation with the appropriate personnel at Cornerstone) determines the course of study and course equivalencies. Students who elect a major in collaboration with Cornerstone University must complete the admissions requirements as indicated at www.cornerstone.edu. These students are considered non-degree seeking students by Cornerstone University. Upon admission, the students will be registered for their first semester of classes at Cornerstone by the Academic Office at Kuyper College. New collaborative students are also required to complete an orientation at Cornerstone University prior to their first classes. Only students in good standing at Kuyper College will be allowed to begin a collaborative program of study.
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