• Youth Ministry

    Youth ministry prepares you to engage the current youth culture to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through intentional relationships that embody truth and love. Youth ministry graduates are challenged and prepared to be living examples of the Gospel by demonstrating Christ’s presence to a generation that possess the potential to move and shake the economic, political, social, and religious structures of our world. 

     Youth Ministry at Kuyper

    Kuyper College equips you for a youth ministry career that teaches and communicates the word of God through traditional and contemporary mediums and invites true discipleship—equipping today’s youth for hope-filled participation in the kingdom of God. You will not only receive an outstanding and well-respected degree in youth ministry, you will also earn a Bible and theology major. In fact, by drawing from the strength of other courses from across the curriculum you will have the option to combine a youth ministry degree with several related minor areas of study such as sports management or business leadership.

    Where Can a Youth Ministry Major Serve?

    With a youth ministry degree you will be qualified to work in variety of settings, coming alongside youth and families leading them into the knowledge and freedom found only fully in Christ. You will be able to minister
    in areas such as churches, camping ministries, para-church organizations, community-based youth agencies, mission organizations and a variety of international settings.


    Comprehensive Curriculum!

    Kuyper’s youth ministry curriculum is made up of fourteen dynamic and challenging courses that will educate, equip and train you with real life experiences for a successful career. Below is a sample of what some of these courses cover: 

        • In Relational Ministry you will explore the intricacies of relational ministry—a bedrock approach to youth ministry. Topics include initiating relationships, developing mentors, guiding discipleship, facilitating small youth groups, and practicing pastoral care skills. 
        • In Contemporary Youth Culture you will explore the complex dynamics of contemporary youth culture as it surfaces in a unique era of social and philosophical change. Both larger cultural shifts and pop culture trends will be critiqued theologically and engaged from the standpoint of youth ministry and the church as a whole. 
        • In Advanced Teaching and Communication Skills for Youth Ministry you will be trained with the advanced skills necessary for effective youth ministry. The focus will be on developing and teaching bible studies, creating and delivering youth messages and facilitating small groups. 
        • In Inter-Cultural Communication you will develop skills necessary for building and maintaining relationships and communicating across cultures. This course examines the influence of perceptions, verbal and nonverbal styles, thinking modes, and symbols of communication from different cultures and backgrounds. 
        • In Christian Camping, Conference, and Retreat Ministry you will study the philosophy, principles, administration, and programs of various types of ministries. Includes exposure to adventure camping in an experiential learning environment. Consideration is given to the needs of children, youth, and adults. 



    Kuyper’s year-long field practicum gives you 400 hours of hands on learning experience in the field of youth work where you will be challenged to apply the learning principles, skills and techniques from the classroom. Under the mentorship of a youth ministry professional and the supervision of your faculty advisor, you will be equipped to develop interpersonal relationships necessary for teamwork, conflict management, change
    and leadership. A partial list of field practicum locations include:
    • Ada Congregational Church
    • Youth for Christ
    • Bethany Christian Services
    • Forest Hills Presbyterian Church
    • The Navigators
    • Tall Turf Ministries
    • Calvary Church
    • Knapp Reformed Church
    • Harrison Middle School
    • EduVenture/Netaiken Campus, Indonesia
    • Young Life
    • Sherman Street Christian Reformed Church 

    Upon completion of the Youth Ministry Program, students will be able to:

    • Enter the adolescent culture in order to love and know adolescents in their environment.
    • Train and equip volunteers, staff, and families how to disciple and be discipled by the word of God.
    • Teach and communicate the word of God through traditional and contemporary mediums.
    • Demonstrate shared leadership by giving responsibility to others to help them realize God's gifting and equipping in their lives for ministry.
    • Be a living example of the gospel in word and deed, demonstrating Christ's presence in their lives.

    Professor Brian Telzerow came to Kuyper College in July of 2003. Professor Telzerow is responsible for teaching youth ministry courses, including Foundations of Youth Ministry, Relational Ministry, Leadership and Administration and Issues in Youth Ministry, as well as some educational ministry courses. His work experience began with a para-church ministry called Young Life. He spent four years with Young Life in Grand Rapids and two years in Oak Park and River Forest, suburbs of Chicago. After returning to Grand Rapids, Professor Telzerow spent the next 13 years as the youth minister at Fifth Reformed Church. He also serves as a board member of the Regional Young Life Committee for Western Great Lakes Region, the Commissioned Pastors Committee for the RCA and coaches boys and girls golf at two local high schools.

    Dr. Richelle B. White joined the Kuyper faculty in July 2007. She teaches youth ministry courses including Contemporary Youth Culture, Advanced Teaching and Communication Skills for Youth Ministry, Youth Ministry in the Urban Setting and Pastoral Care with Adolescents. She also serves as the Faculty Director of Field Practicum for the Youth Ministry program. Prior to coming to Kuyper, Dr. White was adjunct instructor of religion at Virginia Commonwealth University, teaching the course Black Religion. As a minister, Dr. White has served as a Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, Senior Pastor and Executive Director of Christian Education. She is the author of Daughters of Imani—Christian Rites of Passage for African American Young Women Planning Guide and Young Women’s Bible Study, a ministry that she created more than 20 years ago that has received local and national acclaim.

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