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    Research shows that students do better in school when their parents or other family members are involved in their education. Students with involved parents are more likely to earn higher grades and test scores, and graduate from college and move on to productive careers. Kuyper encourages parents to support their children to ensure academic success. Parents are viewed both as members of the Kuyper community and as partners in the educational process.

    If you are a parent or guardian visiting this site, you are probably doing so to get answers to certain questions.  These questions may be about the culture at Kuyper, what your son or daughter should expect when they arrive at Kuyper, or maybe your son or daughter is a current student and you are concerned that there could be problems.  Our hope is that this Website can assist you with any of these questions.  We touch on a variety of topics here, but feel free to meander around the entire site and make yourself at home.

    Why Kuyper?
    Students have a lot of factors to weigh when it comes to selecting a college, including personal, spiritual, professional, social, athletic and academic preferences. Among the questions to ask: What is the ethos of the university? What kind of financial aid is offered? What social and extracurricular activities are available? Do I like the location? These and many other questions are best answered by exploring a school’s Website or visiting the school in person.

    Student life at Kuyper provides a unique foundation for student identity and spirit that introduces first year students to a world of unparalleled cultural, spiritual and service opportunities and friendships that last a lifetime.

    Small classes (averaging 16 students) allow students to benefit from the nurturing, personalized and customized instruction of a committed and experienced faculty. 

    Practicing with an open door policy, Kuyper professors establish relationships with students and get to know them outside of the classroom. 
    98% of recent Kuyper graduates are either employed or in graduate school after finishing their Kuyper education. Kuyper also remains an exceptional value, keeping tuition an average of $6,000 less per year than comparable Christian colleges, while offering scholarships totaling up to $17,000 per year!

    We hope that you find our site helpful and that you gain a meaningful connection to your student and to life at Kuyper College.  If you have questions or concerns not addressed here, please send us an email to admissions@kuyper.edu or call us at 616.988.3632.
    More Information
    Use these links to learn more from our web site - about Facilities and Health ServicesSupport Services (which includes Academic Support and Counseling), and Campus Safety.  Don't forget you can always call us at 616.988.3632 or email us at admissions@kuyper.edu!
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