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    Lara (Bremer) Baucher 
    Lara (Bremer) Faucher - Class of 1996 

    I can still fondly remember sitting in Lyle Bierma’s Doctrine class and just being so struck by how AMAZING God is—and though we were studying the theology of God, I was overwhelmed with the love, goodness and sense of order of our Creator. Professor Bierma was also obviously wowed by this and in love with it too...as it came out in his teaching. The same was true with all the professors.....Dr. Hertel and his passion for evangelism and teaching TRUTH, Dr. Kroeze and his love for the GOSPELS and the stories and details in them, Dr. Shell for his passion for Scripture memorization, and Pat Tichelaar for her love for literature. I always felt that, even in reading literature and studying children’s classics, she always pointed to the GLORY of God—the great creator of ART. Oh, and I cannot forget Dr. Flikkema, who was passionate about getting us OUT there....and connected. And then, during my era, there was Ed Roels, the gentle shepherd among them all. Every professor at school was passionate about what they taught and was always ready to truly give God all the glory. And let’s not forget June Ellison, who made the cafeteria not only a place to eat, but a place of grace and worship and constant recognition of how GREAT her God was! Finally, the student body! I simply loved the mix, the diversity. Every tribe and nation was truly reflected. And I felt like there was so much to learn from every one of them...to understand and to grow in grace. This too was awesome.

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