Associate of Arts/Nursing Pre-Licensure Program

    For the student who wants a foundation in Bible and theology but wants to use his or her gifts and talents in a health care profession, Kuyper College and Davenport University have teamed up to offer just such an option. Interested students can earn an Associate of Arts degree from Kuyper while completing the nursing pre-licensure courses at Davenport University. After two years, students accepted to Davenport’s B.S.N. program receive an Associate’s degree and transfer to Davenport to complete their B.S.N. During the first two years, Davenport includes these students as part of their pre-nursing cohort, providing advising, access to the pre-nursing student organization, etc. The chart below shows the requirements for the program.


    Located approximately 15 miles from Kuyper’s campus, Davenport University is a leading business, health, and technology institution. Through our collaborative partnership, students may earn degrees in some of the innovative majors at Davenport while earning a degree at Kuyper as well. Students who intend to enroll in these programs will work closely with Kuyper College's registrar, who is the students’ advisor, to navigate the program requirements.

    Through the collaborative arrangement, students will earn degrees at both Kuyper College and Davenport. Students who elect a major in collaboration with Davenport University should declare their major with Kuyper College’s academic office. Their student files will be sent to Davenport to complete the admissions process. Students will then be degree-seeking at both institutions and will also have advisors at both Kuyper and DU to assist them. Kuyper serves as the “host” institution, which means billing and financial aid are handled by Kuyper. Students will pay Kuyper tuition for classes at both institutions. Once the Kuyper degree is completed, students will transfer to Davenport and receive their financial aid through DU. Once both programs are complete, Kuyper and Davenport will award their degrees simultaneously. Only students in good standing at Kuyper College will be allowed to begin a collaborative program of study.
    Year One:
    Fall Semester
    BIOL110 Foundations of Cell Biology
    BIOL110L Foundations of Cell Biology Lab
    CO102 English Composition II
    Bl111 Old Testament Survey
    FE150 Merge Seminar
    BI101 Intro. to Biblical Interpretation

    Winter Semester
    CHEM150 Foundations of Chemistry
    CHEM150L Foundations of Chemistry Lab
    FE151 Merge Service Learning
    Bl112 New Testament Survey
    PS111 General Psychology
    SO201 Intro to Sociology

    Spring Session: Intercultural Immersion

    Year Two:
    Fall Semester
    BIOL121 Anatomy & Physiology
    BIOL121L Anatomy & Physiology Lab
    HLTH101S Intro. to Health Careers Seminar
    CO234 Principles of Speech
    TH241 Christian Doctrine I
    MI121 Introduction to Missions

    Winter Semester
    BIOL122 Anatomy & Physiology II
    BIOL122L Anatomy & Physiology II Lab
    MATH125 Intermediate Algebra
    PH132 Intro to Philosophy
    TH242 Christian Doctrine II
    ED/YM110 Intro. to Educ. Ministries
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