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    The term “business leadership” recognizes that leadership within organizations goes beyond traditional management or business administration. It is not just marketing, finance, accounting or international business. It is broader, more general organizational leadership while satisfying all of the basic competencies of a business degree. Graduates will be equipped to be successful in business, leadership, and organizational planning within existing corporate structures, as well as entrepreneurs and business professionals in the global marketplace.

    Kuyper College encourages students to expand their thinking and use their gifts to pursue a vocation as a way to be a light in God's world. Our Business Leadership program teaches that business is more than a way to make money; it's about making a positive impact on people and the planet while making a profit. We call this the "triple bottom line."

    You are invited to participate in an event at Kuyper College on March 19, 2016 intended to illustrate the "triple bottom line." High school participants will be paired with current Kuyper students to develop a business idea and have the opportunity to win cash prizes ranging from $2,000-$500.

    For information on the Triple Bottom Line Business Idea Contest visit here or contact Professor Marc Andreas at Mandreas@kuyper.edu.  


    Business Leadership at Kuyper

    The business leadership program at Kuyper College has the following distinctive features: competency based learning, business as ministry, effective stewardship, and Christ-modeled leadership. Through the careful integration of theology and business theory and practice, Kuyper’s business leadership program prepares you to be a globally competent business leader to serve in a variety of organizational settings. You will be challenged to develop a biblical and Reformed worldview that informs effective business practices in a variety of business contexts and cultural settings—intentionally merging and contextualizing both into something significantly different than either alone.

    Where Can Business Leadership Graduates Work

    •Corporate Administration
    •Non-Profit Administration
    •Business as Missions
    •Para-Church Organizations
    •International Market Development
    •Business Management
    •Business Consulting
    •Business Administration

    Business Leadership will educate, equip and train you for a successful career. The program is made up of 15 dynamic and challenging courses that will educate, equip and train you with real life experiences. Below is a sample of what some of these courses cover.

    BUSINESS AS MINISTRY: You will connect a biblical worldview and a kingdom perspective with the spiritual dynamics of business as mission. You will also be able to successfully integrate sound business practices with ministry objectives, along with the application of business principles to a mission context. This course will also help you to consider how you may become involved in self-supported ministries through a business, particularly in restricted countries.

    ENTREPRENEURSHIP: You will be introduced to the success factors necessary for the starting and running of a business enterprise including: development of a business concept, external environmental scans, development of a target market, product and pricing strategies, financial projections, business funding, and the development of a business plan. You will also review strategic integration, ethical considerations, and international issues.

    STRATEGIC PROJECT MANAGEMENT: You will explore the various areas necessary to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for an organization including: internal and external environmental scans, competitive SWOT analysis, strategic future recommendations, objectives and plans.

    LEADERSHIP AND ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: You will explore theories of leadership and the Christ-centered leadership model, and an introduction to communication styles and skills essential to successful ministry in the business arena.

    BUSINESS ECONOMICS: You will study microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts that affect both national and international economies. Topics covered include areas such as determinants of Gross National Product, unemployment, inflation, and economic growth, monetary and fiscal policy, supply and demand, market pricing strategies, cost determination, and profit maximization.

    MARKETING: You will study analysis and strategic integration of theories of consumer behavior, segmentation, positioning and brand, demand analysis, information, pricing, promotion, channels, product policies, and ethics in consumer, reseller, industrial, and service markets.

    BIBLICAL INTEGRATION: At Kuyper every class is taught through the lens of scripture—it is the foundation of your study of business leadership. A biblical, Reformed theological perspective shapes all that we do—reinforcing Christ’s lordship over all things, affirming that all of life is worship and that all people are made in the image of God. For that reason the Bible and theology curriculum remains central as we equip you to serve Christ’s church and His world. Your Business Leadership degree will be built upon a general education core that includes 21 Bible and theology credits.

    LEADERSHIP AS A CONCEPT AND A SKILL: Leadership, as defined at Kuyper College, is a relational process of people together attempting to accomplish change or make a difference in God’s world. Because leadership occurs at all levels and anyone can learn to lead, the business leadership program at Kuyper teaches leadership as a concept and a skill. In concept, you will learn that leadership is inclusive, empowering, purposeful and ethical. And you will learn and practice leadership skills such as communication, decision making and strategic thinking.

    EFFECTIVE STEWARDSHIP: One of the challenges of the 21st century is to manage the integration of business into the life of the civic community—to be good stewards of what God has entrusted to us. Similarly, Christian social thinkers have struggled to integrate business activity into their understanding of morality, justice, and the common good. A theme of your learning will be encouraging you to view business as a Christian calling and to appreciate the moral character of entrepreneurial effort.

    COMPETENCY-BASED LEARNING:Kuyper’s business leadership program is competency-based. This means that you will be able to not only show what you know, but more importantly what you can do in communication, ethical and theological soundness, leadership development, financial management, strategic thinking, organizational awareness, intercultural competencies and many other areas. All competencies will be measured across all four years of the program culminating with experiences in both your sophomore year—through a competency exhibition, and at the end of your senior year—via a portfolio review.

    SMALL CLASSES: Your business leadership classes at Kuyper will average approximately 15 students. Professors and students know and support each other well. You will find a welcoming and fruitful learning environment with many opportunities for broader discussion, meaningful engagement activities with like-minded peers.

    EQUIPPED WITH EXPERIENCE: The business leadership program is tailored to your interests. You will be equipped to be successful as an entrepreneur and as a professional in the marketplace and within today’s corporate structures. In addition to internship opportunities, your classes will interact with business professionals both in the classroom and in the community. The business leadership program offers several emphasis areas to best suit your goals including: intercultural studies, psychology, sports ministry management, and global communications.

    INTERNSHIPS: Students will intern in a variety of business places throughout the West Michigan area. 
    Marc AndreasMarc Andreas
    Assistant Professor of Business Leadership & Business Leadership Program Director
    B. A. (University of Iowa, 1996), M.B.A. (University of Iowa, 2001)

    Besides teaching and mentoring program students, Marc Andreas is responsible for developing, overseeing and evaluating the Business Leadership program. His objective is to ensure the program is forward thinking in the latest business trends and innovations, while maintaining the core biblical principles of a Reformed worldview and the uniqueness of a competency-based program. He also oversees the work of adjunct professors in the program while also designing, implementing and supervising the business leadership student internship program.

    Prior to joining Kuyper, Andreas held various executive positions with companies such as Pella Corporation, NetValue Sports and Bethany Christian Services where he served as vice president of marketing & communications. He was also an adjunct professor of business at Cornerstone University.

    Andreas loves incorporating Christian values and ethics in the business world and views it as his way of following the Great Commission. After 20 years of successful business experience, Andreas says he wants to share from the wealth of experience he has gained in corporate America, non-profits and starting a business.

     Kuyper College has three scholarships dedicated to our Business Leadership program.

    • Deppe Family Scholarship for Business Leadership
    • Harris Family Business Leadership Scholarship
    • The Boxmakers' Scholarship for Business Leadership

    For more information on these scholarships, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

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