• Business Leadership

    The term “business leadership” recognizes that leadership within organizations goes beyond traditional management or business administration. It is not just marketing, finance, accounting or international business. It is broader, more general organizational leadership while satisfying all of the basic competencies of a business degree. Graduates will be equipped to be successful in business, leadership, and organizational planning within existing corporate structures, as well as entrepreneurs and business professionals in the global marketplace.

    Business Leadership at Kuyper

    The business leadership program at Kuyper College has the following distinctive features: competency based learning, business as ministry, effective stewardship, and leadership. Through the careful integration of theology and business theory and practice, Kuyper’s business leadership program prepares you to be a globally competent business leader to serve in a variety of organizational settings. You will be challenged to develop a biblical and Reformed worldview that informs effective business practices in a variety of business contexts and cultural settings—intentionally merging and contextualizing both into something significantly different than either alone.

    Where Can Business Leadership Graduates Work

    •Corporate Administration
    •Non-Profit Administration
    •Business as Missions
    •Para-Church Organizations
    •International Market Development
    •Business Management
    •Business Consulting
    •Business Administration


    Comprehensive Curriculum!

    Business Leadership will educate, equip and train you for a successful career. Below is just a small sample of what some of these courses cover:

    •In Entrepreneurship you’ll learn the success factors necessary for starting and running of business including: development of a business concept, external environmental scans, development of a target market, product and pricing strategies, financial projections, business funding, and the development of a business plan.
    •In Leadership and Organizational Development you will explore theories of leadership and the
    Christ-centered leadership model, and an introduction to communication styles and skills essential to successful ministry in the business arena.
    •In Business as Ministry you will connect a biblical worldview and a kingdom perspective with the spiritual dynamics of business as mission. You will also be able to successfully integrate sound business practices with ministry objectives, along with the application of business principles to a mission context.


    Students will intern in a variety of business places throughout the West Michigan area. 

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