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    Canadian Students                                                                                           

    If you are a Canadian student, please see this specific information that will help you through the Admissions process. 


    Admissions Requirements
    • Canadian: 63% or above (GPA of 2.25 or higher on 4.0 scale)
    • High school diploma or passing GED
    • Christian commitment to academic, spiritual, social and physical development
    • Composite ACT score of 18 or combined SAT score of 870 
          (not needed if you have cumulative marks of 75% or higher)


    Admissions Checklist
    1. Complete the online admissions application.
    2. Send us your official high school transcript.
    3. Send us your official test scores from ACT or SAT 
            (ACT or SAT tests are (not needed if you have cumulative marks of 75% or higher)
            ACT Code: 1672
            SAT Code: 2049
    4. Send us your official college transcript(s) if you have attended another college or university
    5. Complete the Financial Aid Forms 
    Financial Aid Information
    Canadian students do not qualify for U.S. government aid unless they have dual citizenship in the United States. Every Kuyper College Canadian student must complete the Canadian Financial Aid Application to receive a financial aid package. Print out and complete the application below or contact our Financial Aid Office to have one mailed to you.
    Canadian Financial Aid Guide
    Canadian Financial Aid Application  
    I-20 Information

    Canadian students need to be issued an I-20 from the government to be able to attend school in the United States. To apply for the I-20, students need to provide Kuyper with this information by August 1:

    1. A copy of your passport
    2. A current address to which Kuyper can send your I-20
    3. A precise breakdown of how you will pay for your first year of tuition, room and board, fees and basic living expenses, and documents that show evidence (ex: bank statements). This will likely include some funds from Kuyper, some funds from your parents or your own savings, and it could include outside scholarships and loans. If you have a friend or relative who is providing some funds, you can list that as well. You can also include funds you expect to earn from working on campus (up to $2000). These funds need to add up to $25,800 at this point.
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