• Career Development & Service Learning

    Career Development and Service Learning are key components of the Career Development process at Kuyper. They serve to prepare students to be competent and confident in any profession. Service LearningDr. Chau provides students an opportunity to integrate theory with practical application, to help confirm the student's vocational call.

    Kuyper College's curriculum offers degree programs in a wide area of studies. In addition to majoring in their chosen academic areas, our students also complete work toward a major in Bible and theology. This educational process, which combines high-quality academics and spiritual training, results in a graduate who is both extremely capable and spiritually grounded, helping Kuyper graduates to become leaders in whatever profession they choose.

    Hands-on experience in real-world situations is a major part of the Kuyper education and Career Development process. By the time students are ready to serve in internships or seek employment, the experience they've gained has helped to hone their skills and bring their goals into sharp focus. It is no surprise that often internship sponsors and employers comment on the integrity and abilities of our students and alumni. Kuyper College graduates are well prepared to serve God through their calling, in their communities, and throughout the world. For more information regarding Career Development and Service Learning please contact Curt Essenburg.  

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