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    Chris Timmer 1977Chris (Burgers) Timmer - Class of 1977

    Classes, dorm life, local Christian service assignments, friendships—still strong today—are all memories of my four years at RBC. However, my most life-changing memories are connected with my internship in Alexandria, Egypt. This was before the security of group trips. Dr. Van Halsema arranged for me to spend five months with a missionary who was ministering to the English-speaking groups in Alexandria. Of course, even the best plans have glitches—so I arrived in Cairo at midnight with no one to meet me. It was more than a bit scary for this first time international traveler. No language communications, no friends, no luggage for six weeks, and then I became sick. I remember opening the shutters to let in the light, as well as the flies and the smells of the noisy street of Alexandria. All my senses reminded me of what I did NOT have. I had nothing familiar, and I felt very alone. And then I was struck with a very basic truth about who God is—something I had known nearly all my life. However, this truth of a never-changing, faithful God being with me was never so real. I learned a bit of the language, became more immune to the “bugs” that had made me sick, made friends, and even became adjusted to the smells of the city. But more importantly, I had His Word, and I had His presence—even during those lonely moments, I really did have everything I needed. And I still do!

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