• Bachelor of Science Curriculum

    The curriculum of the Bachelor of Science degree program provides for the development of foundational skills, information, values and attitudes necessary to assist the student’s intellectual and spiritual growth for effective Christian leadership in the church and world.

    The core curriculum consists of courses in Bible and theology, and general education. Together, they aim at providing a foundation for a productive life of Christian service regardless of the student’s major or career objective. The total number of credits must be at least 124.

    Core Curriculum

    Bible and Theology Core: 21 credit hours

    BI 101 Intro to Biblical Interpretation
    BI 111 Old Testament Survey
    BI 112 New Testament Survey
    BI 307 Spiritual Formation
    TH 241 Christian Doctrine I
    TH 242 Christian Doctrine II
    TH 344 Principles & Practices of Reformed Worldview
    (Note: Students who major in Pre-Seminary Studies, Youth Ministry, Intercultural Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Sports Ministry Management, Dance and Worship, and Music and Worship are required to take an expanded core of 30 credit hours in Bible andTheology. which includes the core listed above, plus the following three courses. Students in other majors may take the expanded core if they so choose.)

    Bible and Theology Expanded Core: 9 credit hours
    BI --- Old Testament Elective
    BI --- New Testament Elective
    TH --- Theology Elective

    Arts & Sciences Core: 36 credit hours

    Communication Arts: 6 credits
    CO 102 Composition II (as elective, if required)
    CO 203 Advanced Rhetoric*
    CO 234 Principles of Speech

    Humanities: 9 credits
    Philosophy: choose one
    PH 132 Introduction to Philosophy
    PH 240 History of Philosophy I
    PH 241 History of Philosophy II
    History: choose one
    GV 110 American Government
    HI 117 American Studies
    HI 118 World Civilizations II
    HI 361 History of Western Christianity
    Literature: choose one
    CO 210 Introduction to Literature
    CO 232 Children’s Literature
    CO 342 Survey of American Literature
    CO 354 19th Century British Novels
    CO 355 20th Century British Literature
    CO 413 World Literature

    Creative Arts: 3 credits (Choose one 3-credit course of three 1-credit courses)
    CO 360 Creative Writing
    DR 107 Introduction to Drama
    MU 107 Introduction to Music
    MW 101/102 Choir (1 credit per semester)
    MW 103/104 Ensemble (1 credit per semester)
    MW 1-- Applied Music lessons (1 credit per semester)

    Conceptual and Applied Mathematics and Science: 9 credits
    Mathematics: choose one
    MA 110 Introduction to Math
    MA/PS 340 Social Science Statistics
    Social Sciences: choose one
    PS 111 General Psychology
    SO 211 Introduction to Sociology
    Natural Sciences: choose one
    SC205 Field Ecology (with lab)
    SC 215 Human Biological Science

    Lifelong Learning: 9 credits
    Merge Experience: both required
    FE 150 Merge Seminar
    FE 151 Merge Service Learning
    Intercultural Immersion: choose one
    MI 200 Ministering Interculturally
    MI 421 Islamics
    MW 350 Street Level Worship
    ----- Other courses as approved
    Health and Fitness: choose two credits
    PE 112 Fitness for Life (2 credits)
    PE 122 Weight Training (1 credit)
    PE 141 Volleyball (1 credit)

    Note: Although course options are listed, individual programs may require specific courses from each are of the general education core. See individual program curricula for details. Certain courses haave prerequisites. Other courses offered from time to time may fulfill the requirement of the general education core curriculum.

    Major:30-51 Credit Hours
    Students select one major or program. The number of credit hours required depends on the program of study chosen. Kuyper College offers a variety of majors to fit the needs and goals of students. All majors have a ministry/service-directed focus. The goal is to help students develop an approach to their career that reflects God’s calling upon their lives.
    Minor/Electives Options:6-30 Credit Hours

    Students may select one or more optional minors. Most minors require 18 credit hours. In addition, students may choose a concentration or emphasis. General electives may also be available depending on the major program design.

    Minors: Bible Translation, Biblical Studies, Business Leadership, Communication, Dance and Worship, English, Intercultural Studies, International Development, Music and Worship, Social Work, Sports Ministry Management, TESOL, Urban Ministry, and Youth Ministry
    Concentrations: Communications, Dance and Worship, English, History, Intercultural Studies, International Development, Music and Worship, Psycholog y, Social Work, and Sports Ministry Management
    Emphases: Communications, English, History, Intercultural Studies, International Development, Music and Worship, Philosophy, Psycholog y, Social Work, and Sports Ministry Management

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