• Counseling

    Kuyper College values its students and is committed to providing resources and support for "the whole person." The College Counseling Center exists to facilitate psychological and social wellness of the student Student community. The college has a counseling supervisor who supervises two graduate interns who perform the counseling.

    Students take advantage of the College Counseling Center services for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for help coping with the pressures associated with an academic environment or adjustment to college life. Others may want to learn how to be more effective in developing, maintaining, or negotiating relationships with others. Counseling can also be beneficial for students struggling with emotional issues such as depression or anxiety or issues related to unresolved childhood trauma. Counseling offers students the opportunity to examine themselves and their environment so that they can make the most of their time at Kuyper College.

    Services that are available through the College Counseling Center include:

    Individual counseling
    Couples counseling 
    Group counseling
    Psychoeducational workshops

    For more information, please contact the counseling office: counseling@kuyper.edu 


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