• Dance and Worship

    By collaborating with Turning Pointe School of Dance, students can earn a bachelors degree from Kuyper College, in which Bible, theology and general education courses are taken at Kuyper, and dance courses are taken on campus and at Turning Pointe Christian Dance Academy in nearby Holland, Michigan. This program is a training ground for dancers who desire to use their gifts in a worship ministry setting. Through this program, students are grounded in theology and biblical principles, and equipped to plan and lead biblically faithful and culturally relevant worship, with particular attention to the role that dance can play in ministry.


    Upon completion of the worship program, students will be able to:

    •  Display knowledge of the biblical and historical foundations of Christian worship, using them as a basis for worship planning.  
    • Demonstrate interpersonal communication and conflict management skills. 
    • Demonstrate the ability to wisely use the arts and technology in Christian Worship 
    • Demonstrate the proficiency to dance, choreograph, and instruct others in dance for worship settings. 


    I. Core Curriculum

    Bible and Theology Core 30 Credit Hours
    Arts and Sciences Core 34 Credit Hours

    II. Dance and Worship Studies Curriclum 47 Credit Hours

    DW100 Dance Technique I
    DW101 Dance Technique II
    DW202 Dance Technique III
    DW203 Dance Technique IV
    MW210 Principles of Biblical Worship
    DW210 Components of Dance
    DW250 Dance Ensemble I
    MW301 Designing and Leading Worship
    DW304 Dance Technique V
    DW305 Dance Technique VI
    DW310 Choreography
    MW311 Worship Technology
    DW321 Dance Pedagogy
    DW350 Dance Ensemble II
    MW400 Worship Arts and the Contemporary Church
    DW406 Dance Technique VII
    DW407 Dance Technique VIII
    MW410/411 Worship Internship
    MW412/413 Worship Internship Seminar
    TH450 Theology and History of Worship
    CO452 Methods of Public Speaking

    III. Electives 12 Credit Hours



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