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    Kuyper College notices of available jobs come from various organizations. Below you'll find recent job postings and accompanying contact information. Jobs are listed under the category heading that we feel best describes the position. To our knowledge, the information within every job listing posted on this site is accurate and legitimate. Please contact the organization advertising the position before applying to ensure the position is still open. Please also apply directly to the organization advertising the position. 

    We welcome comments or information on any position, program, or organization listed. If you obtain a position that you originally learned of in our job-posting area, please send an email to jobpostings@kuyper.edu so we can maintain accurate records. Thank you for your help! 

    Writer and Editor- Grand Rapids, MI

    Date Entered: 5/20/15

    Position Title: Writer and Editor
    Employer/Location: Reformed Church in America, Grand Rapids, MI
    Job Description: 
    The writer and editor works closely with our editorial, web, and design team to communicate with excellence and meet deadlines. He or she has editing, proofreading, writing, and project management responsibilities for electronic and print communication projects. This person must have an excellent grasp of English language and grammar, exceptional editing skills, strong proofreading skills, an eye for detail, and an ear for what sounds right. He or she must be able to tailor communications to various platforms and audiences. The abilities to work well with others, think strategically, meet deadlines, and balance numerous projects at once are required.
    Compensation: Salary

    Contact Information: 
    Wilson Soliz Human Resource Coordinator 4500 60TH Street SE Grand Rapids, MI 49512 616.541.0856
    Director of Youth and Family Ministries - Pompton Plains, NJ

    Date Entered: 05/20/15

    Position Title:Director of Youth and Family Ministries

    Employer/Location: First Reformed Church of Pompton Plains, Pompton Plains, NJ

    General Responsibilities:  First Reformed Church of Pompton Plains, NJ is seeking a Director of Youth & Family Ministries who will oversee the work of our children’s ministry staff and give leadership to the discipleship development of youth and families in our church. The person we hire will strategize, develop and implement a comprehensive intergenerational approach to discipleship formation. This includes recruiting and equipping adult volunteers for effective student ministry, cultivating authentic relationships, equipping and empowering parents as spiritual role models, creating opportunities for missional engagement with students, and connecting with families in our community area. Both ordained and non-ordained qualified individuals are welcome to inquire and/or apply.

    Contact Information:
    Contact Search Committee Co-Chairs Judy & Eric Reichenbach at FRCSearchCommittee@gmail.com to let us know you are interested, ask any questions, submit a profile or a resume with letter of interest, and/or request a detailed job description.

    Program Director - Grand Raipds, MI

    Date Entered: 5/20/15

    Title: Program Director

    Employer/Location: New City Neighbors, Grand Rapids, MI

    Job Description:
    New City Neighbors works with at-risk children in the Creston and Belknap neighborhoods of Grand Rapids. The programs of New City Neighbors attempt to impact children through holistic ministry that engages them through Bible study, life skill development, job skill training, educational assistance, and mentoring.
    The Program Director will oversee the coordination and administration of all aspects of the ongoing programming including planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling program activities.

    The Program Director performs a wide range of duties including some or all of the following:
    Plan the program - Plan the delivery of the overall program and its activities in accordance with the mission and the goals of the organization. This includes developing a weekly ministry schedule, writing Bible study curriculum, developing job skill training, and coordinating with our Urban Farm and Kitchen Directors.

    Organize the program - Ensure that program activities operate within the policies and procedures of the organization and ensure that program activities comply with all relevant legislation and professional standards.

    Staff the program - In consultation with the Executive Director, recruit, interview and select well-qualified program volunteers and mentors and ensure that all volunteers and mentors have passed a background check.

    Lead the program - Supervise program staff and volunteers by providing direction, input and feedback.

    Control the program - Manage all project funds according to established accounting policies and procedures and monitor the program activities on a regular basis and conduct an annual evaluation according to the program evaluation framework. Identify potential donors and grants that will help support the mission of New City Neighbors.

    ¥ Bachelors degree in Education and/or Youth Ministry
    ¥ 3 to 5 years experience in a related field
    ¥ Knowledge of program management
    ¥ Knowledge of client groups and/or issues related to the program area
    ¥ Knowledge of computer operations (Word processing, Simple accounting, Databases,
    Spreadsheets, E-mail, Internet) 

    Contact Information:
    For more information on this job, and for an application, please contact Eric Schalk at 616.970.4817 or at

    Director of Youth Ministries - Rockford, MI

    Date Entered: April 23, 2015

    Job Title: Director of Youth Ministries

    Employer/Location: Rockford Reformed Church, Rockford, Michigan

    Job Description:
    The Director of Youth Ministries develops and maintains a ministry which serves youth from both the church and the community.  This ministry will seek to bring young people to faith in Jesus Christ, to grow in the faith and to express that faith through worship and service.  Reports to the Senior Pastor, the Consistory, and the Youth Ministries Team.

    As Director, he/she must possess a contagious passion and love for youth and young adults and the desire to affirm and encourage growth in faith on an individual basis.  He/she must possess the ability to connect and build positive relationships with people in the church as well as in our schools and community.  He/she must be a mature Christian who is a member of the church and models a Christian lifestyle through regular church worship, participation in important all-church activities and Christian relationships. 

    Demonstrated skills include:
    -Youth outreach
    -Program Planning and implementation
    -Organizational administration and scheduling
    -Strong communication skills
    -Supervision of volunteers
    -Computer, software, equipment, and technical knowledge 

    Educational qualifications:
    Relevant four-year college degree or minimally a high school degree with at least two years of demonstrated youth ministry experience and a willingness to continue education.

    Core Responsibilities:
    -Works directly with the Youth Ministries Assistant to promote and plan all facets of Youth Ministry.
    -Leads, teaches, counsels, and facilitates youth to move towards spiritual maturity and to become effective disciples of God's word in any life setting or circumstance
    -Plans and prepares lessons/topics for the WAVE (middle school), and ROCK (high school) youth groups
    -Plans and arranges social, recreational, and community outings; retreats; and mission trips
    -Recruits, orientates, and develops volunteers/mentors to lead and nurture youth in a small group setting; promotes small group mentors to thrive and excel independently
    -Arranges and/or provides for annual leadership training for volunteers/mentors
    -Serves as a school community leader for REVERE (local middle school youth outreach club); connects with youth at club meetings, school lunches, and extra-curricular activities to facilitate spiritual awareness and the move towards God's word
    -Serves as an engaged member of UNITE (Association of Rockford Area Youth Pastors); keeps apprised of community happenings and exchanges best practices to strengthen the spiritual development of area youth
    -Keeps connected and networked with the pastor(s), consistory, church office, and all other program ministry leaders to communicate activities and events; goals and objectives; successes; and to exchange ideas and resources

    Contact information:
    Eric Ringnalda

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