• Student Life FAQs

    Below you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

    Q: What are the opportunities for on-campus extracurricular activities?
    A: There are many opportunities to get involved, such as campus events, chapel, volunteer opportunities, bible studies, etc. There are also many student organizations to join, such as the Student Activities Club, Student Senate, the Spiritual Life Committee, Intramurals Committee, and the Yearbook Staff.
    Q: Is chapel required?
    A: Chapel attendance is highly encouraged, but not required. Chapel is held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10:10 a.m.
    Q: Do I get to choose my own roommate?
    A: If you are a new student and know of someone with whom you would like to share a room, Student Services will do our best to honor your request. If you do not have a roommate request, we will do our best to match you with someone based on the information you provide on your housing application. So be sure to give us accurate information about your tastes (music, hobbies, etc.) and living patterns (how late you stay up, if you study with music on, etc.).
    Q: When will I find out who my roommate is?
    A: We have a priority date for housing applications on May 1 for the Fall and December 15 for the Winter. Once those dates have passed we begin matching roommates. We will notify you once your roommate has been selected. Housing application often come in after the priority deadline, so it may be some time before you are matched with a roommate.
    Q: May I have visitors in my dorm room?
    A: Guests of the opposite gender are not allowed on residence floors or in rooms except at designated times. Guests of the same gender are allowed in dorm rooms at any time, although it is important to be considerate of those with whom you're living. Students who wish to have overnight guests of the same gender must obtain permission in advance from all roommates or apartment mates, and the resident assistant. Overnight visits should not exceed three nights per semester. The hosting student must ensure that his or her guest abides by college policies, and the host will be held responsible in the event of a policy violation.
    Q: Am I allowed to have pets in the residence halls?
    A: With the exception of fish, pets are not permitted in campus housing. Fish tanks of 20 gallons or less are permitted, and they may be inhabited only by fish.
    Q: What do I need to bring if I am living on campus?
    A: You will need to bring:

    - Your own comforter
    - Twin-size blankets and sheets (extra long sheets)
    - Pillow(s)
    - Towels
    - Personal hygiene items
    - Clothes hangers
    - An alarm clock
    - Laundry detergent
    - Cleaning supplies (a vacuum is provided)
    - An iron
    - Poster putty (white only)

    You may bring:

    - Your bike (Don't forget to bring your own bike lock.)
    - A chair or loveseat (These items can't be stored at the College over the summer.)
    - A fish tank for fish only (20 gallons or less)
    - Small refrigerator
    - Personal athletic equipment
    - Kitchen utensils-if you like to cook
    - Posters and other appropriate room decorations
    - A TV and DVD player (Please check with your roommate before bringing these items.)
    - Computer and printer (There's a fee to be connected to the campus network. Contact the IT Department during MERGE Orientation to have your computer hooked up to the network.)
    Q: May I bring my vehicle to campus?
    A: All students are invited to bring vehicles to campus, but all vehicles must be registered with the Campus Safety Office if they will be on campus on a regular basis.
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