• Film and Video Production

    The hallmark of the new Film and Video Production Major is the intention of creating filmmakers as storytellers, rather than technical media specialists. Graduates will gain the generalized skills and competencies in all areas of film making while adding in specialty electives, theory, and supporting classes.

    Some of the abilities built by the program include:

    • Experience with non-linear and experimental film techniques
    • Television video-making skills, including camera operation, directing and live switching
    • Hands-on work with professional video and editing equipment
    • Integration of cinematic techniques with worldview expression


    What can Film and Video Production graduates do?

    • Produce, write, and direct films
    • Work as a freelance videographer
    • Church media director
    • Cinematographer or editor

    Comprehensive Curriculum

    The film and video production program will educate, equip and train you for a successful career. Below is just a sample of what some of these courses cover:

    • Experimental Video Production challenges students to think outside the box in filmmaking. Students spend the semester learning and practicing non-linear and experimental film techniques.
    • Multi-camera Video Production introduces students to the basics of making video in a TV studio. Class members do everything from operating camera, to directing, to live switching TV shows.
    • Deconstructing Cinema is typically taught as a two-week January term class. Students watch films from a variety of perspectives and, through discussion, work to understand cinematic technique and redemptive storytelling possibilities within the medium of film


    Students have interned at a wide variety of locations as diverse as local news stations, to feature film sets in Michigan and elsewhere, to working on corporate video productions in local Grand Rapids companies. Through a partnership with the Los Angeles Film Studies Center, students can travel and spend a semester in Los Angeles, taking a few classes and doing an internship with Hollywood businesses. A new semester in Kenya, Africa is also available to students wishing to study documentary filmmaking.


    Cornerstone University is a like-minded, accredited, Christian liberal-arts college just two miles south of Kuyper College. Students who intend to enroll in these programs will work closely with Kuyper College's registrar to navigate the program requirements.

    Through the collaborative arrangement, students are granted the opportunity to study at Cornerstone as Kuyper students; Kuyper College awards the students’ degrees and (in consultation with the appropriate personnel at Cornerstone) determines the course of study and course equivalencies. Students who elect a major in collaboration with Cornerstone University must complete the admissions requirements as indicated at www.cornerstone.edu. These students are considered non-degree seeking students by Cornerstone University. Upon admission, the students will be registered for their first semester of classes at Cornerstone by the Academic Office at Kuyper College. New collaborative students are also required to complete an orientation at Cornerstone University prior to their first classes. Only students in good standing at Kuyper College will be allowed to begin a collaborative program of study.
     PHO 236 Intro to Digital Photography
    MDA 121 Intro to Electronic Media
    MW 311 Worship Technology (at Kuyper)
    MDA 254 Film History
    MDA 261 Audio Production
    MDA 271 Film and Video Production I
    MDA 282 Film and Video Production II
    MDA 284 Film and Video Production III
    MDA 318 Writing for the Electronic Media
    MDA 319 Mass Media Literacy
    MDA 321 Media Aesthetics
    MDA 355 Media Business
    MDA 380 Internship
    MDA 458 Documentary Production
    MDA 457 Dramatic Production
    COM 321 Group Communication
    COM 400 Capstone Seminar
    Junior Production Classes: choose one each semester:
    MDA 359 Multi-cam Production OR MDA 372 Music Video Production
    MDA 337 Experimental Production OR MDA 356 Corporate Production

    Specialization Elective
    Choose one:
    MDA 323 Pre-Production Theory and Praxis
    MDA 324 Production Theory and Praxis
    MDA 325 Post-Production Theory and Praxis
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