• General Studies

    The purpose of this two-year General Studies program is to provide a solid foundation in biblical studies and general education or liberal arts "core" requirements.

     I. Bible and Theology Major     18 credit hours
       BI101 Intoduction to Biblical Interpretation
       BI111 Old Testament Survey
       BI112 New Testament Survey
       BI307 Spiritual Formation
       TH241 Christian Doctrine I
       TH242 Christian Doctrine II

    II. General Education     33 credit hours
       CO102 English Composition II
       CO210 Introduction to Literaure
       CO203 Advanced Rhetoric
       CO234 Principles of Speech
       FE150 Merge Seminar
       FE151 Merge Service Learning
       HI--- History Electice
       MA210 Introduction to Mathematics
       or MA/PS340 Social Science Statistics
       PE112 Fitness for Life
       PS111 General Psychology
       SC215 Human Biological Science
       SO211 Introduction to Sociology
       SO432 Marriage & Family
       ----  Intercultural Immersion

    III. Professional Education    9 credit hours
       MI121 Introduction to Missions
       ED/YM110 Introduction to Educational MInistries
       ----- Elective


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