• Intercultural Learning

    Kuyper students are being prepared to engage God’s global, diverse kingdom while upholding the primacy of scripture. Our goal is to create culturally-sensitive Christians who can avoid both cultural imperialism and cultural syncretism.

    A Global Awareness course is a required part of every students’ core curriculum. Students can fulfill this requirement with classes like World Religions, Human Diversity, Cultural Anthropology, or one of our Intercultural Immersion classes:

    Ministering Interculturally
    Ministering Interculturally – emphasizes incarnational ministry during an immersion experience in Guatemala. Areas of study include people living and working cross-culturally, cross-cultural behavior, beliefs and values, and the influence of history and politics on Guatemalan society and the church.
    Worship: Street Level
     Worship: Street Level - exposes students to city ministry and gives them opportunities to build relationships with people living on the streets in the inner city. Students will work and worship alongside inner city churches, ministries and street people at locations in the United States and Canada, learning from them about life, ministry, and worship in the city and on the streets.
    Cultural Immersion Experience
     Cultural Immersion Experience – introduces students to the cultural, social, economic and spiritual diversity of the Dominican Republic. This course concentrates on awareness of poverty, gender, AIDS, economic strife, health care and political inequality within the social strata of the culture.
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