• Interdisciplinary Studies (Student & Advisor Designed)

    The Interdisciplinary Studies major is designed for students who wish to pursue more than one area of study while gaining a solid core of ministry and vocational skills. This major is specially designed for students who are undecided about which major to pursue, to those whose vocational goals are not addressed in an existing major within the College, or for those planning to continue their studies in through graduate education.

    Upon completion of the Interdisciplinary Studies program, students will be able to:

    • Clearly and skillfully articulate an understanding of the major findings and concepts of a variety of academic disciplines using both oral and written media 
    • Synthesize knowledge from diverse disciplines to address the significant problems, themes and ideas that affect an increasingly globalized and multi-cultural society 
    • Conduct independent research of appropriate complexity and epth on a topic related to the studen'ts intended ovcation, drawing upon content from a variety of courses and disciplines, skillfully employing relevant information technolgies, and culminating in a final research paper of approximately 30 pages.
    • Recognize and articulate the unity of God’s truth as it is described in scholarship across the disciplines within the framework of a Reformed Christian worldview
    Students are encouraged to plan their majors carefully and thoughtfully with an eye to preparing themselves for their future vocations or graduate studies. To help draw their program of study together, students must complete a research project or internship of appropriate content and depth to result in an end product of a 30-page written research project or 125 hours of internship work at an approved site.
     I. Core Curriculum
    Bible and Theology Core 30 Credit Hours
    Arts & Sciences Core 36 Credit Hours
         Communication Arts 6
         Humanities 9
         Creative Arts 3
         Conceptual and Applied Math and Science 9
         Lifelong Learning 9
    II. Major Curriculum 30 Credit Hours
    ID441 Interdisciplinary Capstone/Innternship
    Nine electives chosen from 5 of the following disciplines:
         Communication Arts
         Fine Arts
         Foreign Language
         Social Work
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