• Professional Accountancy 

    This unique opportunity allows students to ground themselves in Kuyper College’s solid biblical and theological core (earning at Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies) while achieving a Masters of Business Administration in a total of 160 credits. Davenport’s Professional Accountancy program provides students with the opportunity to earn both the Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting Information Management and the MBA with a concentration in Accounting, while meeting the 150-hour educational requirement of the Michigan and most State Boards of Accountancy for students pursuing CPA licensure. All three degrees will be awarded at the completion of the 160-credit hour program.

    Located approximately 15 miles from Kuyper’s campus, Davenport University is a leading business, health, and technology institution. Through our collaborative partnership, students may earn degrees in some of the innovative majors at Davenport while earning a degree at Kuyper as well. Students who intend to enroll in these programs will work closely with Kuyper College's registrar, who is the students’ advisor, to navigate the program requirements.

    Through the collaborative arrangement, students will earn degrees at both Kuyper College and Davenport. Students who elect a major in collaboration with Davenport University should declare their major with Kuyper College’s academic office. Their student files will be sent to Davenport to complete the admissions process. Students will then be degree-seeking at both institutions and will also have advisors at both Kuyper and DU to assist them. Kuyper serves as the “host” institution, which means billing and financial aid are handled by Kuyper. Students will pay Kuyper tuition for classes at both institutions. Once the Kuyper degree is completed, students will transfer to Davenport and receive their financial aid through DU. Once both programs are complete, Kuyper and Davenport will award their degrees simultaneously. Only students in good standing at Kuyper College will be allowed to begin a collaborative program of study.
    BU 299 Accounting I
    BU 300 Accounting II
    *BITS 211 Microcomputer Apps: Spreadsheet
    BU 150 Leadership & Organizational Behavior
    BU 220 Business Economics
    BU 360 Finance
    BU 410 Business Law
    BU 311 Entrepreneurship
    BU 250 Marketing
    BU 330 Global Business Environment
    *ACCT 213 Cost Accounting
    *ACCT 301 Intermediate Accounting I
    *ACCT 302 Intermediate Accounting II
    *ACCT 315 Federal Taxation I
    *ACCT 318 Payroll and State Tax
    *ACCT 320 Auditing and Assurance Services
    *ACCT 350 Accounting Information Systems
    *ACCT 415 Advanced Accounting Topics
    *ACCT 420 Governmental/Not-for-Profit Accntg
    *ACCT 495 Accounting Issues and Research
    *BUSN 488T BBA Major Field Test

    Graduate Level Courses
    *ACCT 600 Professional Accountancy Seminar
    *ACCT 640 Managerial Accounting
    *ACCT 650 CPA Responsibilities and Ethics
    *ACCT 730 Taxation Corporations and Trust
    *BUSN 650 Business Analysis
    *ECON 625 Managerial Economics
    *FINC 620 Financial Management
    *MGMT 645 Organizational Development & Culture
    *MGMT 755 Strategic Planning and Management or *MGMT 780 Global Business Strategies
    *MISG 620 Accounting Information Systems
    *MKTG 610 Marketing Strategies
    *MBA xxx Accounting Electives (600-700 level)

    Capstone (Choose one):
    *CAPS 790 Capstone Internships
    *CAPS 799 Capstone Experience
    *SABR 781 Study Abroad Experience

    * denotes course taken at Davenport University
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