• High-quality, Affordable, Christian College Education

    At Kuyper College, we place special emphasis on making high-quality Christian college education as affordable as possible. Our Financial Aid Office is committed to finding workable financial options for our students and their families. That individual attention is an important part of TheKee

    Our promise as a financial aid staff is to partner with you to help make the investment in your college education at Kuyper not only possible, but affordable. 

    As a ministry-focused Christian leadership college, we see education as an opportunity to educate and equip students to live lives of significance. If you are interested in making a difference and being equipped as a Christian leader, contact us - learn about the exceptional value that Kuyper provides.

  • Agnes Russell
    Director of Financial Aid
    Phone (616) 988-3656
    Fax     (616) 222-3045 
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