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    Lila Kempers—Class of 1963

    The dorms for students attending RBI were located about a mile west of the campus. The dining hall for the two women’s dorms and one men’s dorm was located in the basement of the 1230 Lake Drive dorm. So those who lived at the 1245 dorm and the men’s dorm had to cross busy Lake Drive to have meals. This meant that at least 15 - 30 minutes prior to meal time, we would gather in the living room waiting for the bell to ring. In the meantime, waitresses were setting the tables and bringing out the food for the family-style meals. Once the bell rang, the hungry students would come down to stand at the table, not being able to sit until the head hostess at the head table made the first move and did so. Of course this was not done until our beloved cook, Miss Brower, was ready to join us—yes our cook ate with us at the table. A student was assigned to open with prayer. All eyes were on the head table—watching for the head hostess as she began to pass the plates of food. Going back for refills was done by the waitress at each table. Before desserts, the table was cleared by the waitress. Oh yes, there were procedures we had to follow for that also—clearing the table on the left and serving the dessert on the right of the diners. When the meal was done, our napkins had to be neatly folded and placed beside our empty plates. It was only then that devotions could be held.
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