• Loan Programs

    Kuyper College participates in the Federal Direct Education Loan Program and other various alternative loan programs.
    For students who are attending Kuyper College and have not borrowed before, Federal Direct loans are based on financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
    Your Estimated Financial Aid Award Letter, which you receive from Kuyper College's Financial Aid Office, provides you with the maximum amount you may borrow for the academic school year. This amount will either be unsubsidized or subsidized, based on your need. Unsubsidized means you, rather than the federal government, will be responsible for the interest while you are in school; subsidized means the federal government will be responsible for the interest while you are in school. Alternative loans, provided by private lending institutions, are available to help students meet educational costs not covered by federal, state, institutional or personal resources.

    Please spend some time reviewing the funding resources that are available

    Code of Conduct for Financial Aid Professionals 

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