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    In recent years the Church has been experiencing a broadening of worship styles. While the multiplicity of expression brings freedom to some, it brings confusion to others. What is it that makes worship good? How do we work within such wide range of new music? The answers to those and many other questions are found in the Kuyper College music and worship program. Our students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to enable active participation in biblical worship for the Church of the 21st century. 

     Music and Worship Studies at Kuyper

     Kuyper’s music and worship major is much more than performance. It is biblical leadership—preparing you to know, understand and live the theology of worship. You will learn to design and lead biblical worship that brings glory to God. At Kuyper, you will not only receive an outstanding and well-respected degree in
    music and worship, you will also earn a Bible and theology major—one of the more robust programs of its kind among U.S. colleges. Through the strength of the full spectrum of the curriculum you will have a solid foundation to holistically lead and involve the priesthood of believers in worship.


    Where Can Music and Worship Graduates Serve?

    Our graduates are in great demand and they are serving around the world in a variety of settings. Your degree from Kuyper College will equip and qualify you to lead music and worship in many different contexts:
    • Churches
    • Camp Ministries
    • Para-Church Organizations
    • Youth Ministry Organizations
    • Mission Organizations


    Comprehensive Curriculum!

    Kuyper’s music and worship curriculum is made up of nineteen dynamic and challenging courses that will educate, equip and train you with real life experiences for a successful career. Below is a sample of what some of these courses cover.
    • In Principles of Biblical Worship you will study an overview to the biblical principles of worship—the many biblical themes that guide Christians in understanding the nature of God and how we are to approach and respond to God’s presence. A significant component of this course is the integration and practical application of biblical principles to contemporary worship practices.
    • In Worship Technology you will be introduced to the use of audiovisual and internet technology in the church. You will gain the knowledge and skills for development and design of visual media expressions. The course will also address the issues of copyrights and appropriate use of technology.
    • In Designing and Leading Worship you will be introduced to the process of planning, developing, and leading spiritually formative worship that focuses on the life of Christ. You will work individually and as a team, preparing and leading worship for Kuyper College chapel and the local church, using a variety of styles and structures.



     Kuyper’s year-long music and worship internships give you more than 300 hours of hands on experience in order to apply the learning principles, skills and techniques from the classroom. You will serve under the direct leadership of an experienced pastor, worship director, fine arts pastor, or music and worship director and the supervision of your faculty advisor. Your field experience will challenge you in developmental areas which may need further growth and study, cultivate within you an increasing recognition of your God-given gifts for ministry along with self-awareness in relation to Christian calling. It will also equip you to develop complementary interpersonal relationships necessary for teamwork, conflict management, change, and leadership. Internship opportunities are available in a number of churches throughout West Michigan.

    Graduates of the program will acquire skills, which, when integrated with the arts, will enable them to design and confidently lead worship in a variety of local and global settings. In addition, they'll be proficient in piano, keyboard, and organ or guitar, as well as vocal leadership. They'll also learn the delicate skills of interpersonal communication and conflict management necessary to lead groups of people with varying degrees of talent and commitment. Upon completion of the worship program, students will be able to: 

    •  Display knowledge of the biblical and historical foundations of Christian worship, using these roots as the starting point for planning culturally relevant worship which is engagement with God.
    • Demonstrate interpersonal communication, team work, leadership adn conflict management skills.
    • Use the arts and technology wisely in Christian worship, so as to enable rather than distract from the worship of the people.
    • Demonstrate proficiency to play the piano, keyboard, organ, or guitar and sing to lead worship.
    • Have a solid grasp of music theory, enabling them to involve a wide variety of instrumentalists and vocalists in worship.

    Dr. Kai Ton Chau was appointed to the Kuyper College faculty in 2009 to lead the college choir and teach music courses. He completed his doctorate in worship studies in 2011. Prior to entering academia, Dr. Chau had a diverse career that included physics, arts administration and education with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, radio, orchestral bassoonist, finance and administration with Christian mission organizations and higher educational institutions, non-profit management consultation, and accounting and financial planning in public practice.
    He also actively serves as a speaker, conductor, and workshop leader in music and worship ministry among English and Chinese churches in the U.S., Canada, and Hong Kong. Dr. Chau teaches courses in Music Theory and Introduction to Music, and leads the Choirs.

    Dr. Carol Hochhalter joined Kuyper College in 2004 as worship coordinator for chapel. Within six months of her arrival, she assumed the role of choir director and teacher of Music Theory. She was instrumental in the creation of the music and worship major. Dr. Hochhalter now teaches Principles of Biblical Worship, Designing and Leading Worship, Congregational Song, Theology and History of Worship and Worship Arts and the Emerging Church. Dr. Hochhalter has also served as the director of music and worship at Park Church in Holland, Michigan, for 10 years.

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