First English-Language Translation of Abraham Kuyper’s Writings is Published

The first full-length English-language publication of Abraham Kuyper's writings on common grace has been released. The publication of Wisdom & Wonder represents the first published English-language selection from the broader project led by the Acton Institute and Kuyper College in collaboration with other institutions to publish a complete translation of Abraham Kuyper's three-volume work on common grace, totaling over 1,700 pages. Volume one of Common Grace is scheduled to appear in fall 2012.

Wisdom & Wonder: Common Grace in Science & Art explores the views of the Dutch theologian on the relationship between the Christian faith, culture, and God's preserving work in the world.

The book, published by Christian's Library Press is available for purchase in stores and online.

About the Author: Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) is a significant figure in the history of the Netherlands and modern Reformed, Protestant theology. A prolific intellectual, he founded a political party and a university, and served as the prime minister of the Netherlands from 1901-1905. His enduring passion was to develop a theology for the general public, particularly through his extensive elaboration of the doctrine of common grace.

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