Kuyper Alumni: An 8,000 mile Trip on Mopeds

While there are many ways to raise awareness for social problems, former Kuyper students Jonathan Stockeland and Brady Mulder took a decidedly unique approach: the pair recently traveled across the United States on mopeds to raise awareness for International Justice Mission.

After strapping only the most necessary items to their mopeds, Mulder and Stockeland traveled from Washington DC to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and from the Grand Canyon to Washington State. The trip took 52 days and covered 8,603 miles and 28 states. The pair dubbed the trip “Moped Justice Mission,” intending to point people back to the ministry of International Justice Mission.

Mulder and Stockeland met at Kuyper College in 2008 and quickly became good friends. “God's redemptive work in each of our lives played a key role in our meeting, which is a great way to begin a lasting friendship,” wrote one of them on their blog.

The blog, mopedjusticemission.blogspot.com, designed to enlighten readers about the truth of Christ and some of the injustices present in our world, followed the pair’s two-month journey around the United States.

Mulder, a 2011 graduate of Kuyper with a Pre-Seminary major, plans to attend Calvin Seminary in the fall. Stockeland plans to continue his studies in law at the University of Minnesota.

To read more about their adventures and ministry, visit the Moped Justice Mission blog at mopedjusticemission.blogspot.com.

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