Kuyper College Hosts Local Youth Pastors

It is Kuyper’s desire to provide youth pastors an opportunity to learn from their fellow pastors. To this end, the College is sponsoring a series of ministry lunches for youth pastors from the West Michigan area where they can meet and exchange information on the different programs they lead as well methodologies to improve those programs.

The youth ministry luncheons also present the opportunity to familiarize attendees with Kuyper and the various programs it offers. “Kuyper’s Youth Ministry program is not a cookie-cutter ministry degree with a youth-ministry label,” said Professor Brian Telzerow, co-host of the lunch series and Kuyper’s Youth Ministry Program Director. “Beyond sound biblical doctrine and contemporary methods for relating that doctrine to the youth of today, the program places heavy emphasis on field work. During their time here, our students gain additional hands-on ministry experience, culminating by serving their senior year internship under the supervision of an experienced youth leader, minister, or pastor.”

Kuyper’s Youth Ministry program also allows for integration with other forms of ministry, allowing students to specialize their field of studies even further.
Kuyper will be hosting youth ministry lunches again on October 26 and November 30.

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