Kuyper College Social Work Class Hosts Seminar for Professionals Who Work with Adolescents

HEAR: Helping Educate Adolescent Responders, a seminar, for counseling professionals who work with teens, was recently held at Kuyper College. Designed to raise awareness of issues adolescents face, and to help connect professionals and parents with tools for appropriate and effective responses to those issues, HEAR featured a plenary and individual break-out sessions.

The seminar was developed as a result of information gathered through a research study conducted by Kuyper’s Social Work senior class, which showed a gap in the training of individuals who work with teens on issues such as mental health and depression, self harm, identity crisis, and bullying.

Joe Martino, Clinical Team Leader at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services and Co-Founder of Urban Transformation Ministries, gave the Key-Note address on “Professional’s Self-Care,” which presented the idea that counseling professionals need to be “healthy” in order to provide optimum care to those they serve.

Becky Telzerow, a counselor at Northern Hills Middle School led a break-out session on Cyber-Bullying. Dennis Potter a staff member at Life Guidance Services spoke on Teenage Depression, while Rachel Kool, a counselor at Creative Solutions Counseling and John Matias, a staff member at Burton Middle School led respective sessions on Self-Harm and Identity Development.

Several organizations were represented at the event through displays, including: Bethany Christian Services, Life Guidance Services, the National Association of Mental Illness, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, and Touchstone Innovare.

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