Kuyper College Street Level Worship and Ministry Tour

In late spring, Kuyper College students under the direction of Dr. Carol Hochhalter traveled through Canada and the eastern United States, making stops in several cities including: Detroit, Toronto, Philadelphia and Arlington, Virginia. Through music and worship—the group ministered in many churches. But perhaps more important, was their involvement in service projects in several inner-city neighborhoods.

The tour was named “Street Level” because of the group’s obvious intentionality towards personal ministry. Junior AJ Hochhalter, a music and worship major, noted, “I’ve always known that Jesus ate with sinners, homeless, widows and outcasts, but I’ve never been able to fully understand it, until now. On this trip I experienced it, and through this experience I have met Jesus in many different ways.” AJ concluded, “This relational ministry is how the kingdom is meant to be.”

At tour’s end, Dr. Hochhalter turned reflective. “We went as a group of students, hoping to learn from our brothers and sisters who live and minister in the streets of the inner-city. We learned! We were challenged and were reminded of the God who loves all of us Prodigals. How good is this God? He pursues us with relentless love, and He even became what we are to bring us back to Him! The trip was good. It was very good!”

“Street Level” is yet another example of how, time and time again, Kuyper students are fulfilling God’s call and Kuyper College’s purpose—to bring His grace into today’s culture. In the classroom or outside of the classroom, transformation kingdom leaders are being trained and shaped into who God is calling them to be. 

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