Kuyper Presents Foundations of Worship Seminar

On Saturday, November 19, Kuyper College is presenting a Foundations of Worship Seminar at its East Beltline campus in Grand Rapids. Led by Kuyper Professors Dr. Kai TonChan and Dr. Carol Hochhalter, the seminar is designed for worship planners, worship leaders and worship committees in mind. The seminar is open to worshipers of all ages. Worship directors and pastors are encouraged to invite worship team members. The seminar will key on three areas.

Engaging with God

Plan a service that encourages members of the Body of Christ to engage with holy God... according to the biblical pattern of God’s interaction with His People. Build on a foundation that is unchanging in a voice and style that is unique to your congregation. Discover a framework in which creativity and the arts flourish as they are used for their original purpose: God’s glory!

Pastoral Worship

Does your worship function pastorally? Consider the pastoral side of worship planning, leadership, and ministry as a member of a team.

The Wonderful Weight of Worship

Sundays happen very fast, particularly for those who plan and lead worship. There is relief and hope for us as we understand Trinitarian worship and the continuing role of the priesthood in worship today. Come, celebrate, and rest in the work that God has done and is continuing to do among His People.

Panel Discussions

Area worship leaders will join Dr. Kai Ton Chau and Dr. Carol Hochhalter in panel discussions following each presentation. You will be able to hear about current worship ministry in neighboring churches.
For more information on the Foundations of Worship Seminar contact Dr. Carol Hochhalter at chochhalter@kuyper.edu.

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