New Kuyper Program: A Biblical Reformed Worldview for Sports Ministry

Kuyper College announced a new sports ministry career track that partners with the Bible major and Arts & Sciences classes to holistically train and equip leaders to develop future leaders for the kingdom of God. Specifically, the program prepares students to engage the current culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ through a variety of sporting activities. This marriage of evangelism, discipleship, and sports can occur in recreational roles, parachurch ministries, community youth agencies, international training organizations, or missionary settings.

Young people possess the potential to move and shake the economic, political, social and religious structures of our world. Who better to reach through sports conveying the reconciling message of Christ, than those who are first-hand participants in the heart of our culture?

Sports ministries that invite true discipleship go beyond counting converts to equipping them for hope-filled participation in the kingdom of God.

For more information on the Sports Management Career Track contact the Kuyper Academic Department at 616-222-3000.

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