The Yoder Index

The Yoder Index, a scholarly project led by Kuyper College Professor, Dr. Branson Parlerwas officially launched last month. Working with Dr. Parler to develop the Index is John C. Nugents, Old Testament professor at Great Lakes Christian College.

Partially funded by Shalom Publications, the Index, found at, is dedicated to writings of John Howard Yoder. An internationally known Mennonite scholar, Yoder studied and wrote hundreds of works on ethics, biblical studies and theology.

The purpose of the Index is to create a convenient researching tool that allows users to better sift through Yoder’s works and search for specific topics or Scriptures. Now, because of the centrality and organization, researching the works of Yoder is made easier.

Not only is the Index a helpful tool for Kuyper College students, but according to Parler, is one of the many ways that academic research at Kuyper College continues to be on the cutting edge of the scholarly world. 

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