A Presidential Blood Challenge?

In its 24th year of hosting blood drives, Kuyper College held its most successful one to date.

The drive owes its success in part to the Presidential Challenge, a plan developed by Curt Essenburg, Student Life Director. After speaking with some of the folks at the Michigan Blood Center, Essenbur came to know that Nick Kroeze, Kuyper’s president, had received his 15 Gallon Pin in celebration of his blood donations to date. Taking into consideration that the body of an average adult holds 10 pints of blood and that there are eight pints to a gallon, over the years, President Kroeze has donated 12 times the amount of blood in his body. Wow!

“So essentially, the Presidential Challenge is simple,” said Essenburg. “Over the course of the school year, students, staff, and faculty alike will attempt to donate more blood than President Kroeze has over his lifetime.”

The Kuyper community warmed up to the challenge for the September drive—one of three that will be held this year—when 32 units (pints) of blood were donated. That amounts to four gallons, leaving the challengers with a large but not impossible task of donating at 88 units (pints) over the next two drives in order to at least match president Kroeze donating numbers. The next blood drive will be held on Campus in December. “Stay tuned for more details,” said Essenburg. “The students, faculty and staff are determined to reach our goal.”

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