Annual Student Retreat

2013 01 24 Winter Retreat Kuyper students did to have to go far to attend the annual Winter Retreat: this year, it was titled a “stay-cation” and took place on campus from January 12 to 13.
Much prayer went into the retreat’s planning, which started in late November. Spiritual Life Committee Events Intern Shayla Newman planned most of the retreat.

“It was a lot of work, but rewarding in the end to see it pull together.”
The retreat began with a series of activities, including a modified version of the musical board game Encore and “Fishbowl,” a game similar to charades. Participants also took part in a series of challenges ending in a dodgeball tournament, put together by Curt Essenburg, Director of Student Life.

The retreat, a time of fun and fellowship, also served as a time for refocusing on God and what it means to be created in God’s image. Services were held on Friday night and Saturday morning, featuring student-led worship and speakers Dana and Ethan Ezikian, Student Life interns.

The retreat theme of created in the image of God, says Newman, tied in with radical living, Kuyper’s theme for the year. “Learning what it means to reflect God is where radical living starts. In reflecting on God’s image, we prepare ourselves for radical living by establishing godly living and confidence in our identity.”

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