At Journey's End

August 4th concluded the last session of Journey, a registration event required for all incoming students before the start of a new school year at Kuyper College. While Journey primarily focuses on finalizing registration and tying up loose ends, it also serves as a springboard to Orientation in September, providing incoming students with the opportunity to sample what it means to function as part of the Kuyper community.

The Journey day began with a time for the students to meet and socialize with their future classmates. This was followed by meetings with key departments such as Student Life, Financial Aid, IT, and the Business Office. Through these meetings, incoming students gain a better understanding of what to expect and how to best interact with the various Kuyper departments once they arrive on campus. After a break, the students connected with their academic advisors—each a Kuyper professor—in order to discuss issues related with their intended field of study. Class registration brought Journey to a close.


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