Celebration of Kuyper Academic Scholarship

The success of Kuyper’s first student Scholar Day held this past spring led Kuyper’s Scholarship Committee, to develop the Faculty Scholar Day to provide Kuyper’s faculty an opportunity to present their academic work to the Kuyper community at large. 

Faculty Scholar Day was successfully launched on October 12 with over 20 presentations made. Each presentation was peer reviewed and had to abide by the program’s 30 minute time limit, with a brief period for follow-up Q & A. The wide variety of topics presented reflected the diversity of interests and passions found at the College. Presentations on worship by Dr. Carol Hochhalter, and by Dr. Kai Ton Chau, respectively explored Trinitarian Worship and the importance of Developing a Pastoral Heart for Worship Leaders. 

Dr. Doug Felch and Kuyper President, Dr. Nicholas Kroeze presented on the Relationship Between Religion and Science. The field of social work was represented by Dr. Judi Meerman, who presented on Community Partnerships in the BSW (Bachelors in Social Work) research course and by Professor Greg Scott, who introduced the DSM-IVTR (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual). In addition to his presentation: Two Cities or Two Kingdoms? The Importance of the Ultimate in Reformed Social Thought, Dr. Branson Parler introduced his newly published book, Things Hold Together. Other presentation topics include an examination of the college experience of lower income students by Curt Essenburg, Director of Student life; a pedagogy of engagement for Christian education using hip-hop music by Dr. Richelle White; a study of Willa Cather’s One of Ours by Dr. Lisa Garvelink; and a study of how the issue of immigration challenges Christians to live biblically by Professor Teresa Renkema.

Other presentations were made by Dr. Dan Kroeze, Dr. Jessica Maddox, and Dr. Melvin Flikkema. 

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