Common Grace Translation Project Welcomes New Partners

The Common Grace Translation Project welcomes four new institutional partners that have signed on to support the work of translating, publishing, and promoting this seminal work of the Dutch theologian and statesman Abraham Kuyper.

Project leaders Kuyper College and the Acton Institute initiated this partnership to bring this foundational text back into contemporary theological and cultural discussion. Now they welcome Calvin College, Fuller Theological Seminary, Mid-America Reformed Seminary, and the Andreas Center for Reformed Scholarship and Service at Dordt College to continue work on Kuyper’s three-volume work, Common Grace (De gemeene gratie) which first appeared from 1901-05, during his tenure as prime minister in the Netherlands.

These volumes are based on a series of newspaper editorials intended to equip common citizens and laypersons with the tools they needed to effectively enter public life. “If the believer’s God is at work in this world,” wrote Kuyper, “then in this world the believer’s hand must take hold of the plow, and the name of the Lord must be glorified in that activity as well.”

The doctrine of common grace is, as Kuyper put it, “the root conviction for all Reformed people,” and pointing to the dynamics of broader evangelical cultural engagement, Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Theological Seminary, said that “Kuyper’s writings on common grace are much needed ‘for a time such as this.’”

The translation project plans to publish a complete translation of Abraham Kuyper's three-volume work on common grace, totaling over 1,700 pages. Volume one of Common Grace is scheduled to appear in fall 2012. The first selection from the broader translation project appeared last fall under the title, Wisdom & Wonder: Common Grace in Science & Art.

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