Fun Fest 2012

Fun Fest, an annual event hosted by Kuyper’s Student Activities Club pits students from all dorms against each other in various all-campus competitions. This year’s event kicked-off with a Food Factor Relay where teams had to run across the soccer field, reach into a bag and eat whatever they pulled out of it. Many “ughs” were heard as students bit and swallowed spam, coffee beans, kool-aid mix, and other not so delectable items.

Following the Food Factor Relay other games took place in quick succession all over the campus, including a fierce tug of war during which Timmer and Schaal Halls made an alliance against all comers.

Staff members also took part, with College President Nick Kroeze; Duane Bras, Vice President for Business and Finance; Curt Essenburg, Director of Student Life; Karla Kantola, Resident Life Intern and other student leaders falling prey to the “infamously cold dunk tank.”
Despite Timmer and Schaal’s connivance, Holt Apartments, who had formed an alliance with off-campus students, earned the most points and were declared this year’s Fun Fest victors.

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