Kuyper Hosts Foundations of Worship Seminar

On March 17, Kuyper College hosted its annual Foundations of Worship Seminar. Led by Dr. Carol Hochhalter, professor of Music and Worship local worship leaders and pastors spent the day alternating between lectures and discussion as they learned about all the aspects of leading worship. The seminar was conducted in two sections, with the first section, Foundations of Worship, establishing the roots of worship. Many topics such as worship as dialogue, Trinitarian worship, and the priesthood of believers were introduced in detail. The second section, focused on the framework for worship. It explored how the structure of worship is based on a covenant pattern, concluding that not all worship will sound the same. Not only did the seminar present a valuable educational opportunity, it also allowed Kuyper to help worship leaders and pastor come to a deeper and fuller understanding of worship.  

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