Kuyper's MERGE

Kuyper College’s MERGE Orientation, a week-long program designed to help incoming students enter into the world of college life and academic responsibilities, started in late August. The program will also guide students—throughout the coming year through the process of developing a worldview, as well as learning to apply knowledge and leadership skills in real life work and ministry opportunities. This year, Kuyper welcomed 104 incoming new students to MERGE Orientation. At the outset of MERGE students are assigned to individual small core groups. These groups will continue to meet together for the remainder of the year. On day one of the program, each core group was given their first mission, the academic maze, an exercise meant to illustrate the difficulties of college academia through the physical challenge of a maze.

MERGE Orientation continued on throughout the first week of school with students meeting with their core groups to complete required assignments as well as to undertake additional missions. Students also spent time at Camp Roger—a nearby Christian Camp, participating in various team building activities. While each day of MERGE Orientation ended with a time of worship, at the end of the week after all core groups had completed their final mission, the students gathered in Kuyper’s chapel on Sunday morning for a special time worship and celebration.

On Monday, one week after they started the MERGE Orientation, the new incoming students were joined by returning students for a photo scavenger hunt in downtown Grand Rapids. The end of orientation and the beginning of a new school year was celebrated that night with the Backyard Bash, an outdoor dinner attended by students, staff, faculty and alumni.

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