Reformed Bible Institute Alumni Celebrate 50 Years!

On September 20 and 21, the class of 1962 celebrated the class’s 50th reunion.

The reunion began Thursday night, October 21st, at the Kuyper College Heritage Wall, where the history and mission of Kuyper College comes alive in a 14 minute video. The rest of the night was a time for the alumni to spend time in fellowship. On the second day the members of ’62 toured the campus after which they joined students, staff, and faculty in a time of worship at the chapel. “It was so good to see the chapel filled and to see students with the same desire and heart for ministry and mission,” said Marlene Bouwkamp, one of the reunion organizers.

Following chapel, Nick Kroeze, Kuyper’s president joined the class for a time of sharing and discussion. The afternoon showing of the "For Christ's Sake" video brought alumni back to the late 1960's. The video travel log followed alumni from the 1950's and 1960's around the world in different areas of service and mission.

Many alumni expressed how good it was to spend time with old classmates they haven’t seen since graduation, hearing their stories and how the Lord has been working in their lives over this past half-century. Already there is talk of another reunion for next year.

“As for the current students,” said Bouwkamp, “I encourage them to stay committed to their God-given goals, taking full advantage of the opportunity for learning at Kuyper depending on their classmates for connection and encouragement.”

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