Spring at Kuyper

Although the official academic year at Kuyper College ended in April, many students have continued to actively engage in education through their participation in Spring Session classes. These classes offer them the opportunity to gain needed credits. Classes are held Monday through Friday in three hour time blocks in order to cover a semester’s worth of information.

This May, the Spring Session classes featured a wide variety of subjects, such as a class on the book of Revelation taught by Dr. Dan Kroeze, were students were able to dig deep into complexity and the symbolism that is prevalent throughout the last chapter of Scripture. Covering the topic of theology was Dr. Branson Parler who taught Principles and Practices of Reformed Worldview, and Professor Teresa Renkema who taught How Justice Rolls, a course new to Kuyper where students work to establish a theoretical and practical understanding of social justice based on biblical principles which provide the foundation for a Christian response to justice issues.

Some students opted to explore familiar topics in new ways. Professor Allison Backous’ Spiritual Writing course explored how to use written word as a way to connect with God on an intimate level. While in a new course offering—Popular Music History—Andrew Zwart led his class in discussions of how pop culture fits into a Christian worldview.

Meanwhile, other courses featured hands-on learning. Field Ecology class, led by Professor Raymond Gates waded into bogs as they learned more about the intricacy of God’s creation, while Professor Greg Scott, travelled with the students of his cultural immersion class to the Dominican Republic. 

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