The O-Show

The Annual Kuyper College O-Show always promises to be a night of laughter. The latest one last month did not disappoint as student leaders played emcee to, a series of humorous skits depicting various Kuyper happenings and traditions.

The O-Show was launched several years ago as a part of orientation to introduce incoming students to life at Kuyper, some of the college’s policies and various student groups. Over time, the entertainment value of the O-Show made it what it is today—a hilarious must go-to event.

“The O-Show was definitely a success,” said Shayla Newman, one of the student Emcees. “The skits were funny and they were put together in a way that really represents what actually happens on campus.”

Kuyper Life kicked off the first skit of the evening, portraying roommates who were nearly inseparable in order to portray the potential craziness of life in the dorms. Then, through the creative medium of a video, the Residence Life staff introduced a variety of things to do on campus. Also with the help of a video, the yearbook staff overdramatized things that should not be done on campus.

The student group HANDS—Helping And Nurturing During Services—skit, depicting a girl who misses out on exciting events because she does not check her email, served as a great reminder to students. The night came to a close by the members of MAZI, a student group dedicated to spiritual living and growth, which performed a skit on new things to do on the loop—a road that winds around Kuyper’s campus instead of the present stereotypical behavior of students who use the loop as a “couple’s” walking-circuit.

“The O-Show had me laughing from beginning to end,” said Neferteri Johnson, an incoming freshman. “I’m glad I went. There was a lot of creativity that went into the skits to introduce events and other important and not so important things that happen on campus.”

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