Trustee Honors Award Winners Announced

During the middle of February, Kuyper College hosted the Trustee Competition, an event in which high school students who have received the Kuyper Presidential Award travel to the College to vie for the Trustee Honors Award. As part of the process students were asked to submit a long essay based on modern reformation and leadership. 

On the evening prior the full day of competition, parents and students attended a dinner hosted by Nick Kroeze, Kuyper’s president and the College’s academic program chairs. The next day, after a campus tour, class visit and participation in the chapel services, the competition began, which ended with a group discussion led by Professor Jessica Maddox. 

After a period of deliberation by the reviewing committee, Hollie Nop, of Middlebury, Vermont and Brad Zeinstra, of Zeeland, Michigan were selected to be the winners of this year’s Trustee Honors Award. The Kuyper community is looking forward to welcoming these deserving students to the College this coming Fall

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