Yellow Dress Concert at Kuyper College

The Yellow Dress Benefit Concert was held April 12 at Kuyper College to benefit the Children’s Assessment Center of Grand Rapids. The concert was planned by eight Kuyper students as part of their MERGE Service Learning course on the topic of child sexual abuse.

The founding of the Children’s Assessment Center in 1991 by then Grand Rapids Chief of Police Bill Hegarty, inspired the group to name the benefit concert “Yellow Dress.” As the story goes, Hegarty noticed a young girl wearing a yellow dress at the Grand Rapids Police Department. She seemed scared and out of place and after inquiring about her, Hegarty learned that she was waiting to be interviewed regarding a child sexual abuse investigation. Moved by what he saw, Hegarty set the wheels in motion to provide a place where children involved in such investigations could feel welcome and comfortable.

“The driving force behind our fundraiser is definitely the children who receive help from the Center,” said group member Miranda Plescher. “Their courage to stand up and talk about their traumatic experiences as well as their strength in overcoming their past is what drives us and keeps us motivated in what we are doing.”

The concert brought in local talents Kate Pruiett, Jake Down, Nathan Gafford, and Beacon Light and featured music ranging from folk and acoustic to Christian rap. In addition, representatives from the Children’s Assessment Center made a presentation on the Center’s mission.

Over the course of the night, $420 was donated with the entire sum going to the Children’s Assessment Center. The concert was successful, not only by raising funds to help the Center, but also in raising awareness of the Center’s mission.

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