Zondervan Library joins CULN

At the invitation of Cornerstone University, Kuyper College’s Zondervan Library has joined the Cornerstone University Library Network (CULN) along with Cornerstone’s Miller Library, which serves both Cornerstone University and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, and the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary Library.

Dr. Fred Sweet, library director at Cornerstone, approached the librarians at Kuyper with the proposal, and by the fall of 2008, it was presented to the Academic Affairs Committee. “The invitation to join the CULN will provide our students and staff many benefits,” said Dianne Zandbergen, director of library services at Kuyper. “There were many people involved in the planning process and a lot of work that had to be done before the program was ready to be launched, including implementing changes in order to be part of the Library of Congress Classification System. We also have access to more than 200,000 library resources, borrowing privileges at each of the member libraries, and longer loan periods.”

According to Zandbergen, the collaboration with the CULN is an example of good stewardship on the part of all the institutions: “a stewardship of financial resources, material resources, and human resources, especially during these times of economic stress.”

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