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Since his graduation from Kuyper in 1988, Mark Volkers lived for seven years with the Luo people of Kenya, spent over a decade in more traveling to 20 countries as a photojournalist and documentary film maker, and taught at Kuyper as a journalism/media studies adjunct professor. He currently heads the digital media production and media studies program at Dordt College in Iowa, where he lives with his wife and three children. Most recently, this distinguished Kuyper alumni produced and directed the internationally acclaimed and award winning documentary “The Fourth World” which exposes the hidden world of slums, in which approximately one sixth the earth’s population currently live.

The film made its West Michigan premiere on Thursday October 3, 2013 at Keystone Community Church filling every seat in the house. Accompanied by a crew of student-filmmakers from Dordt, Volkers traveled to major slums in Guatemala, Kenya and the Philippines. There they became acquainted and interviewed people who actually live in squalor in order to bring to light the shocking truth of their plight in a personal and empathetic manner. During the Q & A time after the viewing, Volkers explained his purpose in creating the film. “The documentary touches people’s hearts and reveals the desperate situations in which so many are living, but does not present a solution,” he said. “This extremely complex problem needs as many people as possible working to solve it. The Fourth World supports this cause through raising awareness of the terrible circumstances in which slum dwellers find themselves,” he continued. “It forces the viewing audience to face this global problem and decide what they will do about it.”

The film was so well received by the audience that every copy of the film available on DVD for sale was sold. Although the film is not technically a Christian documentary, it is nevertheless a powerful tool to be used to impact and spur any audience religious or secular, to action on behalf of the “…least of these.”

You can find out more about “The Fourth World” at www.fourthworldfilm.com.

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